Mathematics BSc
Course description

Elementary mathematics 3
Assessment Specialization Course code
Semester Status
0 + 2 0 + 2 term grade applied math. mm1c2em5t 5 recommended
  • Requirements: Two midterm tests, homeworks. The students also have to hand in the detailed soultion of a problem from the mathematical journal for secondary school students, KöMaL.
Syllabus designed by:
Combinatorics, probability theory and mathematical statistics, elementary geometry (synthetic and analytic). Recommended: Discrete mathematics 2 (mm1c1vm2), Algebra 1 (mm1c1al1), Analysis 2 (mm1c1an2).
Course objectives
In accordance with the problem oriented mathematics teaching tradition in Hungary, we process the prototype (the problem-solving process starting, finishing and extending) problems of all major topics of the primary and secondary school mathematics curriculum. We compare different solutions and methods. During problem solving, the skills acquired in high school and in college are applied, especially when comparing different elementary and non-elementary solutions. Besides the traditional generalizations, we often make other variations as well.
  • György Pólya: How to solve it, A new aspect of mathematical method. Princeton University Press, 1945.
  • György Pólya: Mathematical Discovery. On understanding, Learning, and Teaching Problem Solving. John Wiley and Sons, 1962.
Solving problems from combinatorics, probability theory and mathematical statistics and elementary geometry (synthetic and analytic).